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Pictured Above (left to right):
Andy Gelsey, Chief Cookie Officer, Josh Charlip, Founder & President.

We have one goal in life – to rid the world of cardboard cookies and flavorless ice cream!

Growing up, we were obsessed with cookies - and for good reason! Our timeless family recipe for hand-made, artisan cookies set the bar for all things sweet. We’ve taken that recipe, added an extra splash of love, and slathered rich, creamy ice cream in between. Behold – the Eskimo Jacks ice cream sandwich!

We let our creativity loose and are proud to offer 21 kinds of cookies and 16 flavors of ice cream. Do the math if you must, but that’s LOADS of scrumptiously sweet sandwich combinations!

So stop whatever you’re doing, and come on over to Eskimo Jacks! Your tastebuds will thank you.

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Bring Eskimo Jacks to your next celebration with an Eskimo Jacks Party Cart! Our carts are here to serve up a heaping helping of happiness at your convenience!

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Sandwich of the Month

Have an idea for the next AMAZING sandwich combo at Eskimo Jacks? Let us know what you want! We pick a new winning combination each month. Remember, when it comes to ice cream and cookies, there are no bad ideas!

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