Fresh, Homemade Cookies!

First, we start with soft, fresh cookie dough that is home made from scratch.  Our secret family recipe has been handed down for generations.  With genuine and simple ingredients that are so delicious, it’s a wonder we actually have any soft, baked cookies left over to make the sandwiches!

Award Winning Ice Cream!

Hey, get this! We make our own ice cream and are always adding new flavors to the menu! Our delicious home made ice cream uses milk products from non-gmo treated cows (something to moo about!). We always only use all natural ingredients too!

Yeah, we know, AWESOME!! Only the creamiest and yummiest ice cream will do for an Eskimo Jacks Famous Ice Cream Sandwich!

Sadly, not all cookies and ice cream flavors available everyday!

Rent a Cart

Bring Eskimo Jacks to your next celebration with an Eskimo Jacks Party Cart! Our carts are here to serve up a heaping helping of happiness at your convenience!

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Sandwich of the Month

Have an idea for the next AMAZING sandwich combo at Eskimo Jacks? Let us know what you want! We pick a new winning combination each month. Remember, when it comes to ice cream and cookies, there are no bad ideas!

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